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High Country Estate Law focuses on helping individuals and families plan for their future. As the founder of High Country Estate Law, I, Attorney Victoria A. Brooks, strive to protect your loved ones and navigate you through the estate administration process.

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I Am Victoria A. Brooks

I am Victoria A. Brooks, the founding and sole attorney at High Country Estate Law. Dedicated and passionate about my client’s goals, I take pride in challenging conventional perceptions of lawyers. My mission is to be approachable and understanding and to demonstrate genuine care for my clients’ interests.

My roots trace back to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where I grew up. I pursued my education at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, where I earned my law degree and served as the submissions editor for Liberty’s Law Review. My published work with Liberty Law Review, titled “The Pregnancy Problem: Rethinking Workplace Accommodation Claims Under Title VII’s Pregnancy Discrimination Act,” reflects my commitment to legal scholarship.

As the first lawyer in my family, I attribute my strong work ethic and attention to detail to my parents’ influence from a young age. Beyond my professional pursuits, I value my personal life. In my free time, I indulge in my love for travel, hiking, and quality moments with my husband, Lucas Brooks. The combination of legal expertise, a strong work ethic, and a personable approach defines my commitment to my clients and my multifaceted life beyond the legal realm.

Victoria A. Brooks
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Mission Statement

At High Country Estate Law, we are dedicated to providing compassionate, personalized, and comprehensive estate planning and administration services.

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Our mission is to guide individuals and families through the complexities of planning for the future, protecting their loved ones, and ensuring a seamless estate administration process.

We are committed to listening to our clients, understanding their unique needs and goals, and providing them with the support and legal strategies necessary to secure their legacies.

Brand Values and Beliefs

Our brand values are deeply rooted in an unwavering passion for assisting individuals and families as they navigate the intricate legal landscape of estate planning and administration. We firmly believe in providing a customized approach to estate planning, one that mirrors the unique circumstances, values, and aspirations of each person.

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What sets us apart is our steadfast commitment to empathy, integrity, and expertise. We don’t just offer legal advice; we are dedicated partners genuinely concerned about the well-being of our clients and their families.

Passion and Dedication

At High Country Estate Law, our passion for our work is unmistakable through our dedicated commitment to offering personalized attention to every client.

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We recognize the emotional and logistical challenges associated with planning for the future and managing estate administration. The cornerstone of our brand lies in our unwavering dedication to guiding clients through these processes with care and understanding.

We believe in empowering our clients with the knowledge and tools necessary to make informed decisions, ensuring that their wishes are honored and their loved ones are protected.

Our belief in the importance of family, legacy, and responsible stewardship of assets drives us to go above and beyond in our service. We are not just legal professionals but advocates for our clients’ peace of mind and security. Our brand values and beliefs are reflected in our personalized approach, attention to detail, and genuine care for the well-being of those we serve.

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