Special Needs Planning

Embark on a path of thoughtful care and secure the future of your loved ones with High Country Estate Law’s Special Needs Planning Services. My commitment goes beyond standard estate planning, focusing on the unique needs of individuals requiring special considerations.

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High Country Estate Law provides comprehensive Special Needs Planning Services. I, Attorney Victoria A. Brooks, bring expertise, empathy, and dedication to crafting specialized plans that ensure financial security and well-being for those with special needs.

Tailored to the individual circumstances, values, and aspirations of those with special needs, my plans encompass a range of strategies to safeguard financial stability and support. From creating Special Needs Trusts to outlining personalized care provisions, I prioritize the unique requirements of your loved ones.



Financial Security


Customized Care


Peace of Mind


Legal Compliance

How We Work

1. Personalized Consultation

I start with a consultation to understand the unique needs, aspirations, and circumstances of the individual requiring special needs planning.

2. Tailored Planning

I craft a customized plan, considering the individual’s financial requirements, legal considerations, and personal preferences.

3. Document Creation

I develop the necessary legal documents, including Special Needs Trusts and other provisions, ensuring compliance with regulations.

4. Review and Adjustments

The plan is presented for your review, allowing for adjustments to align with evolving circumstances or changing needs.

5. Ongoing Support

High Country Estate Law remains your dedicated partner, offering ongoing support, adjustments, and guidance as needed, ensuring a secure future for your loved one with special needs.

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